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INS High-Calcium Bio Colostrum
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Promote Strong Bones and Teeth.

Ideal Calcium Supplement For Your Family

About INS High-Fibre Bio Colostrum

INS High-Calcium Bio Colostrum contain body's needed mineral, our body can directly absorb organic calcium and organic magnesium. Simultaneously, we can also absorb Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Immune Factors which include Immunoglobulin G (Ig G), Immunoglobulin A (Ig A), Immunoglobulin M (Ig M), Immunoglobulin D (Ig D), Immunoglobulin E (Ig E), Growth Factors (Ig-F), Lactoferrin and Polyproline-Rich Peptides (PRP).

About High-Calcium

Human body can only absorb 20% to 30% of mineral calcium intake. This is normally due to the depletion of calcium from our body through urination, feces and sweat. Medical scientist and nutritionist discovered that "organic calcium and organic magnesium share a good bond as a functional group". Therefore organic calcium and organic magnesium can enhance the efficiency absorption of other mineral and vitamin elements in our body. Colostrums provides high nutrient resources of Vitamin D and Vitamin A which both of these nutrient elements content are triple and 10 times more than normal daily milk respectively. In addition, Vitamin D and Ig D can help our body to absorb sufficient amount of calcium to enhance our body’s function.

Illness and Symptoms due to Deficiency of Calcium Intake by Different Age Group

Age Group

Health Condition due to Deficiency

Illness and Symptoms


Getting risk for developing weakened bones structure

RICKET - bones become soft and easily deformed, hunch, both legs bending, growth retarded


Bones softening

OSTEOMALACIA varying degrees of pain and tenderness in bones, especially in the hip, backbone and leg. Bones fractures also result from minor trauma

Middle-aged, elderly people and postmenopausal women

Bones resorption outspaces bone deposition

OSTEOPOROSIS loss of bony tissue, resulting in bones that are brittle and liable to fracture, causes shrinkage of vertebrae, pain in the bone

Teenage female and women

It will suppress the stimulation and secretion of hormone estrogen

Menstrual stress and Menstrual cramp (muscle tetany)

Other age group

The deficiency of calcium signify that neuralgia (nerve pain) and muscle cramp, thus lead to the abnormally function of our nervous system.
It can affect the heart function and can also lead to the disorder function of other organs
If serious, it can cause blood clotting become slow and even bleeding

Neuralgia (neuromuscular pain), Arthralgia (pain in a joint), muscle pain (cramp), sensitivity of nerve and muscle.
Palpitation and abnormality slow heart beat
Arthritis, Insomnia, toothache, body development is retarded

About Colostrums

Colostrums is the pre-milk fluid which secreted by the mammary glands of com in the first day after giving birth and before the production of real milk begins.

Why the INS High-Calcium Bio-Colostrum is So Special?

  1. It is because colostrums from cows is the natural nutrient that is collected within 48 hours after calving
  2. It is being pledged for its richly growth factor and immune factors to enhance the immune system function
  3. Medical scientist discovered that the growth and immune factors in colostrums can be assimilated by our body and enhance body’s good functional system :
    • It is important in the formation of bones
    • It boosts the growth of the brain
    • It can help to build lean muscle
    • It is effective to develop immunity against disease, promote growth, ameliorate intestine and stomach
  4. It’s quality is guaranteed I nthe all-round perspective so that it is matching with the international standard.

The Benefit of High-Calcium Colostrum

Actually calcium is a kind of mineral that our body needs for numerous physiologically functions. About 99% of calcium in human body is stored in the bones and teeth, where else the remaining of 1% is found in ht blood and other tissues. The 1% of calcium is used for blood clotting, stimulate muscle and nerve activity, hormone secretion, metabolism of vitamin and as a cofactor for enzyme. The calcium in INS High-Calcium Bio-Colostrum is extracted from algae's group.

Drinking High-Calcium Colostrum can help to:

  • Relief nerve excitement
  • Enhance normal heart rhythm
  • Maintain pH balance in the blood and help blood clotting process
  • Anti-aging condition : pain in the bones, backache, insomnia, brittleness of teeth and bones, fingers’ shaking
  • Relief sunburn and skin cancer
  • Relief arthritis and gout
  • Relief muscle cramp and pain
  • Enhance the growth of muscle and muscle contraction activity
  • Adequate ion calcium can stimulate the hormone secretion

Indication of INS High-Calcium Bio Colostrum

  • INS High-Calcium Bio Colotrum is a pure naturally health nutrition which is suitable for all age. It doesn’t contain any preservatives, artificial flavouring or chemical additives, thus able to maintain its naturally flavour.
  • INS High-Calcium Bio Colostrum ensures you have stronger bones and teeth, normal nervous system and enhance immune system.
  • INS High-Calcium Bio Colostrum is special formulated base on bio-technology, thus it is your ideal choice of nutrient!

Click here to download the lab report for high calcium

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