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SkyWheat Wheatgrass Plus
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The Ultimate Food for Your Brain and Blood

SkyWheat Wheatgrass Plus:

"The aging starts from blood vessels, whereas blood vessel aging starts from blood." This means if we could keep the blood clean, the flow in the blood vessel will be smoothen, as a result our body would not prone to aging. SkyWheat Wheatgrass Plus is a nutraceutical which could help the body to delay aging. The main ingredients are skywheat and wheatgrass. It also contains lots of active minerals, vitamins, enzymes, protein and the essential elements needed by human body. It provides us with the balanced nutrition needed daily. The main functions of SkyWheat Wheatgrass Plus include discharging of toxin from blood so that the blood is purified and the flow of blood vessel would be unlocked, this helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The protein provided by Sky Wheat Wheatgrass is often known as "vege-meat" and "green cow". On the other hand, choline substances are known as "food for brain".

The Main Functions of Skywheat Wheatgrass Plus

  • Purification and detoxification
    • Skywheat powder and chlorophyll enhance liver and kidney functions in detoxification, toxins can be discharged from body easily.
  • Anti-cancer
    • It contains isoflavone and plant active ingredients, helps to capture free radical, relieve the menopausal symptoms and even prevent cancer.
  • Reduces Cholesterol
    • It is the best source of protein and other important vitamins, it provides unsaturated fat, and it is effective in reducing cholesterol in blood and the risk of heart diseases.
  • Reduces cardiovascular diseases
    • Sufficient lecithin enables the total mixing of blood and cholesterol, prevent the blockage of blood vessel wall and arteriosclerosis.
  • Enhances appearance
    • Isoflavone, vitamin A, E and C are good sources of compound anti-oxidant; they eliminate the free radicals from body, reduce wrinkles, enhance appearance and preserve youth.
  • Dissolves thrombus
    • It contains kinase and can dissolve thrombus within a short period to prevent and improve cardiovascular disease.
  • Improve brain functions
    • Bean choline substances and vitamin B enhance brain functions, prevent deterioration of mental power, improve memory and analysis ability.
  • Health care functions of intestine and stomach
    • It prevents the growth of bad bacteria in intestine and stomach, regulates and protects the health of intestine and stomach.


  • 50% Sky Wheat Powder
  • 50% Wheatgrass Powder

Recommended dosage:

  • 15 – 20 tablets (2 to 3 times each day)
  • Children at half of the dosage above
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